Viktor Kirsanov

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Viktor Kirsanov

Viktor Kirsanov is a standard commander available in Armored Warfare. He is available automatically to all players and can be purchased for 100,000 Credits

Viktor's skills are focused on boosting abilities after dealing damage or taking damage. These skills are suited for Main Battle Tanks and well armoured Tank Destroyers or Light Tanks.

Skills[edit | edit source]

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  • Tier 1 - Determination: Reload time reduced by 6% for 15 seconds after bouncing a shot against an enemy vehicle.
  • Tier 2 - Patch it Up: Vehicle repair rate improved by 10%.
  • Tier 2 - Hardened Firing Systems: Cannon and Turret Ring hit points increased by 25%.
  • Tier 3 - Overpower: Module damage caused to enemy vehicles increased by 20% for 15 seconds after getting an Overmatch.
  • Tier 4 - Vengeance: Damage caused to enemy crew increased by 30% for 60 seconds after a crew member is disabled.
  • Tier 4 - Zero In: Aim Time reduced by 10% for 15 seconds after damaging an enemy module.
  • Tier 5 - Leadership: Crew attributes increased by an additional 4%.

Suggested Commands[edit | edit source]

Personnel File[edit | edit source]

  • Place of Birth: Tomsk, Russia

Viktor had a hard childhood in the northern forests of Russia. He enlisted in the army at an early age and quickly rose through the ranks, earning acknowledgement and praise for his combat acumen. He left the military after suffering injuries from an IED attack during a relief mission, but returned later as a contractor after realizing he missed military life.

Gallery[edit | edit source]