VFM Mk. 5

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VFM Mk. 5
VFM Mk. 5
Tier / Class:
6 LT
United Kingdom
Marat Shishkin
3,250 gold
Stats - Stock (Renowned)
Max Damage:
440 mm
Hit Points:
Hull F/S/R:
140 / 86 / 42
Turret F/S/R:
165 / 84 / 55
Max Speed:
72.00 km/h
Acceleration 0-32kph:
4.00 s
Hull Traverse:
43.70 deg/s
430 m
Accuracy (Spread):
Max Cannon Depression:
-10.0 / 2.0°
Turret Traverse Speed:
42.00 deg/s

The VFM Mk. 5 is a tier 6 Premium Light Tank originating from the United Kingdom. It can be purchased from Marat Shishkin for 3,250 Gold. A second variant, the VFM Mk. 5 MERC, is occasionally available for purchase during sales.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Invisible movement: motion does not reduce camouflage factor.
  • HESH: can even penetrate armor with large hit angles.

Player recommendations[edit | edit source]

A powerful, mobile platform, the VFM is an archetypal light tank capable of flanking with its high firepower gun and excellent mobility, causing enough havoc behind enemy lines to allow a large scale MBT push to break through while the enemy is disheveled. Its excellent gun handling and on-the-move accuracy allow it to hit targets from medium range and rapidly disengage, and its armor also allows for protection against smaller auto-cannon fire.

Pros[edit | edit source]

  • Good mobility
  • Good camouflage and view range
  • Frontal protection against autocannon fire

Cons[edit | edit source]

  • Large profile

Upgrade suggestions[edit | edit source]

Premium vehicles in Armored Warfare come fully upgraded.

Retrofit suggestions[edit | edit source]

  • Advanced Fire Control
  • Advanced Muzzle Reference System
  • Electro-Optical Absorbing Paint
  • Augmented Optics

Commander and crew skill suggestions[edit | edit source]

  • Commander: Sabrina Washington, for improvements to camo rating, view range, and accuracy
  • Driver: Smooth Ride, Off-Road Driving
  • Gunner: Sharpshooter, Quick Draw
  • Loader: Rapid Fire, Explosive Shells

Armor[edit | edit source]

VFM Mk. 5 Stock Armor
Reputation Cost Credits Hull F/S/R Hull Composition Turret F/S/R Turret Composition ERA Type ERA Modifiers
Stock Stock 140/86/42 Military Aluminum 165/84/55 Military Aluminum None
A light and fast vehicle intended to be air portable, the Vickers is well protected frontally from the majority of autocannon and machinegun fire. Although it has a strong gun, it is completely unsuited for dealing with any anti-tank threats in its role as a scout and troop support vehicle.

Firepower[edit | edit source]

105mm L7 L/52 Cannon
Shell name Type Reputation Damage Penetration Max Accuracy Speed Reload
105mm M774 APFSDS AP Stock 450 440mm 0.12° 1,509 m/s 5.7s
105mm M393A2 HEP HE Stock 445 137mm 0.14° 760 m/s 5.7s
105mm M456A2 HEAT HEAT Stock 450 450mm 0.13° 1,174 m/s 5.7s

Mobility[edit | edit source]

Name Reputation Cost Credits Max Speed Reverse Speed 0 to 32km/h 0 to Max Speed Hull Traverse Fire Chance
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Diesel Engine Stock Stock 72.00km/h {{{reverse}}} 4.00s {{{0-max}}} 43.70deg/s {{{firechance}}}

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Premium vehicles in Armored Warfare come fully upgraded.

History[edit | edit source]

Designed by Great Britain, this light tank combines a US-built hull with a British turret, offering firepower in an affordable package. Created during the 1980s, the VFM5 was meant to usher in a new generation of British tanks for the export market. After development completed in 1987, it was unable to secure any orders and never went into production.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • VFM Mk. 5 MERC
The VFM Mk. 5 MERC, a Premium variant that was purchasable starting November 2015

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