Type 99A

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Type 99A
Type 99A
Tier / Class:
Zhang Feng
Stats - Stock (Renowned)
Max Damage:
650 mm
Hit Points:
2,400 (2,650)
Hull F/S/R:
540 / 120 / 50
Turret F/S/R:
600 / 292 / 50
Max Speed:
70 (75) km/h
Acceleration 0-32kph:
5.13 s
Hull Traverse:
36.9 (45.60) deg/s
430 m
Accuracy (Spread):
Max Cannon Depression:
-6 / -4°
Turret Traverse Speed:
44.00 deg/s

The Type 99A is a tier 9 Main Battle Tank originating from China, and is sold by Zhang Feng. It can be unlocked with a tier 9 Unlock Token, and unlocks a tier 10 Unlock Token, which can be used on the Type 99A2, Centauro 155, and Wilk XC-8.

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Armor[edit | edit source]

Stock Armor
Reputation Cost Credits Hull F/S/R Hull Composition Turret F/S/R Turret Composition ERA Type ERA Modifiers
Stock Stock 550/80/45 Composite 700 / 90 / 46 Composite Heavy ERA
The Type 99A received improved protection (compared to the previous models). The vehicle is resistant to most modern tank ammo.

Firepower[edit | edit source]

125mm ZPT-98 L/55 Cannon
Shell name Type Reputation Damage Penetration Max Accuracy Speed Reload
125mm Type III APFSDS-T AP Stock 660 720mm 0.10° 1,750 m/s 8.95s
125mm 3VOF36 HE-F HE 115,736 600 43mm 0.11° 850 m/s 8.95s
125mm BTJ-II HEAT HEAT 115,736 660 680mm 0.11° 1,100 m/s 8.95s
125mm Type IIIDU APFSDS-T HEAT 115,736 594-726 720mm 0.11° 1,750 m/s 8.95s

Missile Name Type Reputation Damage Penetration Velocity Reload Time Missiles in Launcher Reload within Launcher Burst Fire Rate Flight Agility Self-Guided
3UBK14 "Refleks" ATGM-TH Tandem-HEAT Stock 550 750mm 350m/s 8.95s 1 {{{reloadm}}}s 6.7rd/min {{{agility}}}deg/s No

GP125A ATGM Tandem-HEAT 115,736 550 750mm 350m/s 8.95s 1 {{{reloadm}}}s 6.7rd/min {{{agility}}}deg/s No

Mobility[edit | edit source]

Name Reputation Cost Credits Max Speed Reverse Speed 0 to 32km/h 0 to Max Speed Hull Traverse Fire Chance
Shanxi 12V150HB-2 1200hp Stock Stock 75km/h {{{reverse}}} 5.16s {{{0-max}}} 42deg/s {{{firechance}}}

Shanxi 12V150HB-2 1500hp 38,579 1,706,667 85km/h {{{reverse}}} 4.1s {{{0-max}}} 45.60deg/s {{{firechance}}}

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Name Reputation Cost Credits Description
Spall Liner 77,157 853,333 Increases vehicle HP by 250.

Type 97 Smoke Grenades 38,579 1,706,667 Provides 5 smoke grenades. Grenades take 80 seconds to reload.

Fire Control System 38,579 853,333 Reduces aim time by 20%.

Improved Autoloader 154,314 2,560,000 Reload speed increased by 10%.

History[edit | edit source]

Vehicle class: main battle tank

Produced: 2007

Used since: 2007

Number of Vehicles produced: ~250

Used by: China

The Type 99A is a further development of Type 99 with a number of improvements over the original vehicle, including applique armor and FCS.

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