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Tier / Class:
Soviet Union
925 gold
Stats - Stock (Renowned)
Max Damage:
270 mm
Hit Points:
Hull F/S/R:
Turret F/S/R:
Max Speed:
50.00 km/h km/h
Acceleration 0-32kph:
7.33s s
Hull Traverse:
36.42 deg/s deg/s
400m m
Accuracy (Spread):
Max Cannon Depression:
-6/ -4°
Turret Traverse Speed:
40 deg/s deg/s

The T-62M is a tier 4 Main Battle Tank originating from Soviet Union, and was a reward vehicle for second Armored Warfare anniversary event. It was rewarded for players who won 10 PVP battles.

Player Recommendations[edit | edit source]

Pros and Cons[edit | edit source]

Pros[edit | edit source]

  • Premium Vehicle
  • High firepower
  • Wide ammo variety
  • Gets access to gun-launched ATGMs

Cons[edit | edit source]

  • Mediocore mobility
  • Poor gun depression
  • Long reload
  • Low Damage Per Minute

Upgrade Suggestions[edit | edit source]

As all premium vehicles it comes with all upgrades unlocked

Retrofit Suggestions[edit | edit source]

  • Improved Gun Breech
  • Pioneer Kit
  • Muzzle Reference System
  • Ballistics Computer

Commander and Crew Skill Suggestions[edit | edit source]

  • Commander: Philip Holzklau for increased module repair speed and boost to weapon reload
  • Gunner: Quick Draw and Sharpshooter
  • Loader: Rapid Fire and Explosive Shells
  • Driver: Off-road Driving and Smooth ride

Note: this build is recommended for Commanders who prefer using conventional ammunition

Armor[edit | edit source]

T-62M Stock Armor
Reputation Cost Credits Hull F/S/R Hull Composition Hull Modifiers (AP/HE/SC) Turret F/S/R Turret Composition Turret Modifiers (AP/HE/SC) ERA F/S/R ERA Composition ERA Modifiers Turret Traverse
Stock Stock 187/120/45 Steel with composite plating 290/123/65 Steel with composite plating 0/0/0 None 40 deg/s
T-62M received an improved composite hull armor and plates on the turret front (called Ilych's eyebrows). Other improvements included rubber sideskirts and additional mine protection.

Firepower[edit | edit source]

2A20 Cannon
Shell name Type Reputation Salvo Size Damage Area of Effect Penetration Speed Max Accuracy Aim Time Reload Time
115mm 3UBM3 APFSDS AP Stock 1 469 0m 270mm 1,620m/s 0.16° 2.7s 11.8s
115mm 3UBK3 HEAT HEAT Stock 1 469 0m 400mm 900m/s 0.19° 2.7s 11.8s
115mm 3UOF1 HE HE Stock 1 460 1.5m 38mm 750m/s 0.17° 2.7s 11.8s

Missile Name Type Reputation Salvo Damage Area of Effect Penetration Speed Rate of Fire Caliber Reload Self-homing
3UBK10-2 ATGM HEAT Stock 1 400 0m 600mm 300m/s 5.08rd/min 115mm 11.8s No

Mobility[edit | edit source]

Name Reputation Cost Credits Max Speed 0 to 32km/h Hull Traverse
ChTZ V-55U 620 hp diesel engine Stock Stock 50km/h 7.33s 36.42 deg/s

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

T-62M Upgrades
Name Reputation Cost Credits Description
Volna FCS Stock Stock Reduces Aim time by 20%.

Improved Ready Racks Stock Stock Reload speed by Increased 10%.

TShS-41U Gunner Sight Stock Stock Improves overall accuracy by 7%.

Improved Transmission Stock Stock Increases vehicle acceleration by 2.5% and hull traverse speed by 10%.

History[edit | edit source]

The T-62M is an all-around upgraded version of the T-62. Improved armor, new engine, guided weapon system, improved Fire Control System and radio system, and a number of other upgrades. T-62Ms were used in action in Middle East and in Eastern Europe.

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