T-14 152 Armata

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T-14 152 Armata
T-14 152 Armata
Tier / Class:
10 MBT
Stats - Stock (Renowned)
850 mm
Reload time:
13.70 s
Hit Points:
Hull F/S/R:
650 / 100 / 42
Hull composition:
Turret F/S/R:
650 / 100 / 48
Turret composition:
Max Speed:
75.00 km/h
Acceleration 0-32kph:
4.43 s
Vehicle Mass:
57,245 kg
Hull Traverse:
33.87 °/s
13% %
440 m
Cannon Depression:
-7 / 14 °
Accuracy (Spread):
Aim time:
2.33 s
Turret Traverse Speed:
36.75deg/s °/s

The T-14 152 Armata is a Tier 10 Main Battle Tank originating from Russia. It can be obtained from T-14 152 Armata loot crate that can be purchased in web shop.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Heavy Armor: This vehicle's armor can withstabd tremendous punishment, allowing it to survive even the worst firefights.
  • High Caliber: This vehicle carries one of the largest weapons armound with significantly increased damage per shot.
  • Modern APS: This vehicle's advanced Active Protection System can destroy not only incoming ATGMs, but also types of shells.
  • Unmanned Turret: This vehicle features a remotely-controlled or low-profile turret that receives reduced damage.
  • Trained Crew: THis vehicle comes with a fully trained Level 5 crew.

Player Recommendations[edit | edit source]

The most powerful tier 10 MBT in AW, the T-14 Armata can overwhelm nearly any other vehicle at T10 with its devastating firepower and high rate of fire. The T-14's excellent mobility allows it to flank and keep up with the lighter vehicles on the team, making it a strong flanker, and its unmanned turret makes it very powerful in hull down position. While its armor is not the best at its tier, when used properly it is more than sufficient to block shots while tearing opponents apart with its high damage output.

Pros and Cons[edit | edit source]

Pros[edit | edit source]

  • Excellent mobility
  • Devastating firepower
  • Turret takes reduced damage
  • Minimal frontal weakspots

Cons[edit | edit source]

  • Weak side armor
  • Bad gun depression
  • Mediocre aim-time

Upgrade Suggestions[edit | edit source]

With a tank all about the firepower, upgrading to the better ammunition, Improved Autoloader, Improved Gun Stabilizer, and other upgrades will allow for even more overwhelming firepower to be applied to the enemy. Upgrades such as Spall liner can help to alleviate the relatively low health pool, but should be secondary to upgrading the firepower of the T-14.

Retrofit Suggestions[edit | edit source]

  • Advanced Muzzle Reference System
  • Augmented Optics
  • Improved Gun Breech
  • Improved Pioneer Tool Kit

Commander and Crew Skill Suggestions[edit | edit source]

  • Commander - Juan Carlos, to improve the aim speed and crew stats.
  • Driver - Spin to Win, Smooth Ride
  • Gunner - Marksman, Quick Draw

Armor[edit | edit source]

T-14 Stock Armor With ERA
Reputation Cost Credits Hull F/S/R Hull Composition Turret F/S/R Turret Composition ERA Type ERA Modifiers
Stock Stock 650/100/42 Composite 650/100/48 Composite Heavy ERA 65% vs AP, 85% vs SC
The T-14 Armata is an innovative 5th generation MBT built by Russia. The dynamic hull is highly modular, utilizing cutting edge composites and steel. The crew are housed entirely in the frontal hull, with the unmanned turret allowing a sleeker profile and heavier armor. ERA upon the turret roof, upper glacis, and frontal hull roof boosts HEAT protection, while side ceramic armor and cage protect the flanks of the MBT.

Firepower[edit | edit source]

152mm 2A83 smoothbore cannon
Shell name Type Reputation Damage Penetration Max Accuracy Speed Reload
152mm Grifel-1 AP AP Stock 1,080 850mm 0.136° m/s 13.70s
152mm Grifel-3 HE HE Stock 214-1568 51mm 0.190° m/s 13.70s

12mm Secondary Weapon
Shell name Type Reputation Damage Penetration Velocity Accuracy (Fully Aimed) Reload Time Shells in Magazine Reload within Magazine Burst Fire Rate
12.7mm AP AP Stock 7-17 30mm 855m/s 0.15° 5.00s 800 {{{reloadm}}}s 400.00rd/min

Mobility[edit | edit source]

Name Reputation Cost Credits Max Speed Reverse Speed 0 to 32km/h 0 to Max Speed Hull Traverse Fire Chance
ChTZ A-85-3A 1500 hpDiesel Engine Stock Stock 75.00km/h {{{reverse}}} 4.43s {{{0-max}}} 29.85deg/s {{{firechance}}}

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

T-14 152 Armata Stock modules
Name Reputation Cost Credits Description
Armored Crew Cell Stock Stock Damage to Crew reduced by 50%

Spall Liner Stock Stock Increases vehicle HP by 250

Afganit Hard kill APS Stock Stock Hard kill:
Spotting distance 500m
Number of charges 10
Reload time 60s
Counters projectiles of the caliber over 100mm

Soft kill:
Spotting distance 300m
Activation tange 300m
ATGM deviation 4.0
Missile Maneuverability x0.65
Action Sector 360 degrees

Experimental Smoke Grenades Stock Stock Provides 5 volleys.
Takes 80 s to reload.
Duration: 10 s

Improved Gun Stabilizer Stock Stock Overall accuracy while moving is improved by 19%.

Improved Autoloader Stock Stock Rate of fire is increased by 13%.

Improved Suspension Stock Stock Movement speed on off-road surfaces is increased by 20%

Improved Cooling System Stock Stock Camouflage factor increased by 2%
Enemy Thermal Sights effectiveness reduced by 30%

Special Ability[edit | edit source]

Name Activation Time Duration Reload Time Ability Changes
Rapid Fire
Ability Rapid Fire.png
0 s 20 s 60 s Increases reload speed. Increase max spread to maximum. Increase ATGM deviation. Rate of Fire +20%
ATGM deviation 15m

Ability Override.png
0 s 8 s 53 s Increases acceleration rate and maximum speed. Improves hull traverse rate. Acceleration +200%
Max Speed +5%
Hull traverse rate +100%

Override (2)
Ability Override.png
0 s 20 s 60 s Improves acceleration time, increases maximum speed and hull traverse rate. Reduces camouflage factor in motion. Acceleration +200%
Max Speed +5%
Hull traverse rate +50%
Camo Penalty from Motion +50%
Supercharged Hard-kill APS
Ability Supercharge Hard Kill.png
0 s 10 s 120 s Once activated, the APS starts intercepting all incoming projectiles (save for autocannon ones) with increased frequency, consuming APS charges in the process. Cooldown 0.5s
Counters projectiles of the caliber over 100mm
Additional charges 15

History[edit | edit source]

The T-14 was first seen at the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade, ushering in a new generation of Russian main battle tanks. Development on the vehicle took a number of years and was originally initiated after the cancellation of the T-95 project. The T-14 boasts a number of significant technological upgrades, not the least of which being a remote unmanned turret.

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