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Armored Warfare is different from many other action MMO in that there is a back story and lore associated with the game. The story of Armored Warfare is set in a dystopian world set in the 2030s. Obsidian Entertainment is revealing the story over time on the Armored Warfare website. More story and RPG elements will be introduced into the game in general, there are ideas to develop this aspect further[1].

The World of Armored Warfare[edit | edit source]

The World of Armored Warfare[2] is the background information for the Storyline Campaign. In the 2010s, governments collapse and the leaders turn to corporations for help. Corporations became major powers in this new world, and formed private military forces for their own protection. By the 2030s, what remained of countries, the corporations, and uncontrolled outlaw territories reached an uneasy balance, and was waiting for the next war.

World on Fire[edit | edit source]

World on Fire[3] is the overarching history of Armored Warfare. It give the reader the basics about what's happened in different parts of the world, and how the world is impacted by these events.

Enemies of Armored Warfare[edit | edit source]

There are various enemies in Armored Warfare that you will be contracted to conduct missions and operations. Currently, each is a successor to groups that exist today.

Project Liberty Militia (PLM)[edit | edit source]

The PLM[4] are the successors to the anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist movements of the early 2010s. As in our world, their strength is that they are savvy with message boards, forums, and social media to recruit new members. Their weakness is their lack of military experience and training.

People's Liberation Movement[edit | edit source]

Limited information other than that they are opponents in various missions.

Lions of Nequiel[edit | edit source]

Main article: Lions of Nequiel

Limited information other than that they are opponents in various missions.

National Patriot Activist Army[edit | edit source]

The NPAA’s core belief is to defend their country against all enemies, foreign and domestic -- anyone they feel that threatens their way of life. They also refuse to follow any orders or laws they perceive as unconstitutional, which they consider “acts of war” or “treason” against their fellow countrymen by the government itself.

Cartel[edit | edit source]

Main article: Cartel

Limited information other than that they are opponents in various missions.

Tihina Division[edit | edit source]

Main article: Tihina Division

The Tihina Division is well organized and uses sophisticated technical equipment, modern computers, and a wide range of transportation options (cargo planes, sea transport, a trucking empire) to move their goods. It has deep hooks in the financial system, and has an excellent counterintelligence network. Their ties to black market military run deep, and they tend to favor Russian and Italian vehicles, such as the BMP-1 through BMP-3, T-series, Centauros, C1 Ariete, and the M113.

Elite LLC[edit | edit source]

Main article: Elite LLC

Elite LLC is a military contractor founded in the 2000s based out of Yuma, Arizona in the USA. They have over a billion dollars in private military contracts with the US government, and numerous other secret and black ops with governments, corporations and rich individuates.

Clayburn Seahawks[edit | edit source]

Clayburn Seahawks[5] is an expeditionary unit under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Adrian Blackwood. Clayburn Industries acquired large portions of land from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and needed a large number of troops to the area to protect the city centers. The Seahawks are a battalion-size unit with approximately four dozen Leopard 2 and M1 Abrams series Main Battle Tanks, three dozen Bradley IFVs, Strykers and a large flotilla of support vehicles.

Les Affreux[edit | edit source]

No information about Les Affreaux exists at this time, except that it is the opponent in Operation Albatross.

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