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There are three types of currency in Armored Warfare: credits, gold, and reputation.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Main article: Credit

Credits are earned by participating in battles and completing missions. The amount of credits you earn in a battle or mission is based on how successful you are including how much damage you do, how much you've assisted other by spotting or disabling, how many enemies you've killed and other similar statistics. You can also gain credits by buying it with gold, one of the other forms of currency in Armored Warfare at a rate of 1,600 credits for 1 gold.

Credits are used to purchase most things you use in the game from vehicles, consumables, ammunition and upgrades.

Gold[edit | edit source]

Main article: Gold
Gold to Credit
Gold to Credit selection form

Gold is generally only available by purchase for real world funds or part of a package purchased by real world funds. However, players also get 50g each week from daily login bonusses from the launcher. Additionally there are sometimes events where gold can be rather easily earned.

Uses for Gold:

  • It can be converted to credits. 1 gold = 1,600 credits.
  • It is needed to convert Locked Reputation to Global Reputation. 1 gold = 125 Global Reputation
  • It can be used to activate a Premium Account.
  • It can be used to buy Premium Vehicles.

Reputation[edit | edit source]

Main article: Reputation

Reputation is the primary progression currency and consists of vehicle and global reputation. It can be earned by completing battles and is used to unlock additional vehicles and vehicle upgrades and modules.

Currency management[edit | edit source]

The currency management window allows players to exchange currency, purchase a premium account, and convert currency to reputation.

Gold to Credit
Gold to Credit selection form
Gold to Premium
Gold to Premium Account selection form
Gold to Global Reputation
Gold to Global Reputation selection form

Exchange[edit | edit source]

Gold can be exchanged for credits at a 1 gold to 1,600 credits rate.

Premium[edit | edit source]

Premium accounts gain 50% more credits and vehicle reputation per battle.

Convert[edit | edit source]

Gold can be exchanged for global reputation at a 1 gold to 200 global reputation rate. You can not buy reputation with gold. You must first earn locked reputation on a fully Renowned vehicle such as a Premium Vehicle or one that is has completely filled it's reputation bar.