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The Base feature is no longer part of the game as of patch 0.18, released on October 27, 2016.[edit | edit source]

Bases function as the seat of power for a player's Private Military Company (PMC) and consists of multiple buildings, which players choose to build and upgrade. Each Base starts with just a single garage, but players can build additional structures to provide boosts to their PMC, with each building having a maximum level of 5. The Base feature is opened by clicking on the "Base" button at the top of the Garage UI.

The Base consists of multiple buildings. In the Base feature, the player can see a general overview of their Base (which initially contains only the Garage). The Building bar, along the lower portion of the screen, shows what buildings are available for construction from Raw Materials. The player selects the buildings they want to build by clicking on the building's tile in the bar, opening a window with an option to construct that specific building. Base building works in real time – players have to wait for a certain amount of time before the building is constructed (usually several hours or days).

Raw Materials[edit | edit source]

Raw Materials are the special currency of the Armored Warfare Base feature. Raw Materials are used to construct buildings, upgrade buildings, and eventually to produce certain one-time gameplay boosts. Each day, a minimum of 100 units of Raw Materials are awarded to players automatically in the form of a "shipment". The player manually clicks the associated interface element to gather each shipment, a button in the top right hand corner of the Base screen. Raw Materials can be collected once every 24 hours of server time (that is, collecting materials at 3PM will not mean the next time you can collect materials is at 3PM the next day). A good way to tell you can collect more materials is to check your vehicles to see if their daily first win bonus has reset. Materials refresh at the same time vehicle daily boosts reset.

Base buildings[edit | edit source]

After being built, buildings can be upgraded. Each building starts at level 1 and can be upgraded up to level 5. Gaining levels influences the rewards and boosts the building offers to the players – for example, a level 1 Airport provides players a small discount on Retrofit Upgrades, while a level 5 Airport gives a much larger discount. However, each level upgrade costs an increasing amount of Raw Materials and time. Upgrading from level 1 to level 2 may take several minutes, whereas upgrading from level 4 to level 5 may take more than three days. All bonuses are applied after other multipliers. For example, the 5% credit bonus from a level 5 Helipad will be applied after all other multipliers for credits, such as tier multipliers in a match (Playing a high tier vehicle means a higher multiplier.) When upgrading a building to level 5, the building(s) will be torn down and will be shown as a construction site until the upgrade timer is finished, at which a brand new, more advanced looking structure will be in the place of the old one.

Currently, the list of buildings is as follows:

  • Academy – Commanders earn more experience from each battle, 10% more at maximum Academy level
  • Airport – Credits discount when purchasing Retrofit upgrades, 10% price reduction at maximum Airport level
  • Barracks – Crews will earn more experience per battle, 10% more at maximum Barracks level
  • Command Center – Player will earn more global reputation per battle, 50% more at maximum Command Center level
  • Garage – Repair cost for all vehicles reduced, 10% reduction at maximum Garage level (vehicles only need to be repaired after PvP battles)
  • Helipad – Player will earn more credits per battle, 5% more at maximum Helipad level
  • Recon Post – Provides a passive discount to Premium Time purchases, 5% at maximum Recon Post level.

Possible future features[edit | edit source]

As development of Armored Warfare continues, the Base feature will expand. These are some of the mechanics currently being considering:

  • Animations for building and upgrading buildings
  • New ways to collect and earn Raw Materials
  • Upgrading the Garage affects the interior look of the Garage
  • New buildings with new bonuses
  • Customizable Buildings
  • Players create Consumables and single use Boosts through buildings

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