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Achievements are awarded for performing various actions during gameplay. When completed, achievements reward players with credits and sometimes titles or commanders.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Name Description # of Tiers
Shoot First Earn Gold awards. 3
Top of the Heap Earn Platinum awards. 3
Extreme Accuracy Earn Accuracy awards. 3
Under Control Earn Capture awards. 3
Spring to Our Defense Earn Defense awards. 3
We Will Endure Earn Platoon Survival awards. 3
Scout's Honor Earn Scout awards. 3
Shining Armor Earn Armor awards. 3
Metal Grinder Earn Destroy awards. 3

Name Description # of Tiers
A Challenger Appears Complete optional challenges in missions successfully. 3
No I in Team Win Cooperative missions 10
Unbiased.png Unbiased Destroy Enemy Tanks 5
Score Hound Earn Blue Star Awards 3
Deadly Assistant Earn Helper Awards 3
Eagle Eye Earn Shooter Awards 3
Staying Alive Earn Target Awards 3
Best Friend Earn Teamwork Awards 3

Name Description # of Tiers
Neverending Conflict Play PVP Battles. 10
What Price Victory Win PVP battles. 10

Name Description # of Tiers
Tank Collector Own many different vehicles. 4
Enemy Devastation Destroy enemy vehicles in matches. 5
AFV Destroyer Destroy enemy Armored Fighting Vehicles in matches. 1
Lovely Tracks Destroy enemy Light Tanks in matches. 1
Main Battle Tank Destroyer Destroy enemy Main Battle Tanks in matches. 1
Super Powerful Guns Destroy enemy Self Propelled Guns in matches. 1
Terrifying Dismantler Destroy enemy Tank Destroyers in matches. 1
Scout Commander Play PVP battles in an Armored Fighting Vehicle. 6
Battle Commander Play PVP battles in a Main Battle Tank. 6
Maxed Out Upgrade vehicles to Renowned status. 4
Dealer Access Unlock multiple vehicles across all Tiers. 6
Aftermarket Purchase Upgrade vehicle parts. 4